The Hoteld

Coexisting with nature

The hotel makes use of ancient local building traditions to create a contemporary architectural space from natural materials. All main structures are open-air; makuti-thatched ceilings arch high overhead, allowing all to luxuriate in the space, light and atmosphere that this unique location affords.

The myriad pathways at Ras Nungwi are shaded by elegant palms, creating soft sun-dappled walkways between beach and banda, balcony and bar. The hotel's deck-level swimming pool is lined with glass mosaic tiles in shades of blue, and commands stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Interiors are beautifully decorated in ethnic style, with inspired use of local fabrics such as khangas, kikois and kitenges. These cloths form an elegant theme of cushioned comfort through the many secluded lounging areas, inside and out.

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